Dun factor is a desirable characteristic in this color breed.  IBHA shows offer a special "Dun Factor" class which recognizes individuals with outstanding dun traits.  The dun factor points include:

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 DORSAL STRIPE... this stripe will run along the back bone from the withers t the base of the tail.  The width will vary, with barbs and/or brindle strips running from the stripe to be ideal.

 FROSTING... white hairs which are interspersed through the mane and tail.  These frosted hairs may shed during the summer months.

 TIPPED EARS... ear tips and edges appear darker than the body color. Ears are usually outlined on the edges.

 NECK SHADOWING... appears as dark areas through the neck, extending into the hollow of the shoulder.  Shadowing may appear only on the crest, or as dark lines pointing down from the base of the mane.

 COB WEBBING... starts under the forelock and appears as lines extending in varying lengths over the forehead, or around the eye.

 LEG BARRING... can be seen on the inside and outside surfaces of both front and hind legs.

 MOTTLING... is found on the forearm, gaskins, shoulders, and stifles in a circular motif.

 FACE MASK... can be seen as black, brown, or red shadowing across the bridge of the nose.